21 February 2004

Mary Pickersgill House, Baltimore, MD
or The Star Spangled Banner House




Mary Pickersgill lived in Baltimore with her mother, Rebecca Young, and her daughter. Mary's husband was dead. She made her living by sewing flags.








In the summer of 1813, men came from Fort McHenry and asked Mary to make a BIG flag to fly over the fort.

Mary made a flag. It was 30 feet by 42 feet. The picture to the right is of me standing in front of a replica of the flag. I am a very small person, but the flag is very long and very tall.

In September 1814, the British attacked Baltimore at Fort McHenry. A man named Francis Scott Key watched the Battle of Baltimore from a British ship in the harbor, he was a prisoner. Early the next morning after the battle he saw that Mary's flag was still flying and that the United States had won the battle. He wrote a poem called The Star-Spangled Banner. It told about the battle and Mary's flag. The poem became our National Anthem.

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