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Carverton Cemetery is located at the intersection of Church Road and Mt. Olivet Road in Carverton, Kingston Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. The cemetery is on the northeastern edge of Francis Slocum State Park. Carverton Methodist Church is directly across Church Road from the cemetery. This is not a complete transcription of inscriptions. Instead it represents selected stones transcribed on 2 November 2001 by Esther Doyle Read.

Explanation of transcription: the stones are grouped by family groups. Individual stones have a single number. Stones with several individuals also have a single number. There are 20 stones included in this transcription, representing 28 individuals. The cemetery is still active.

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Baer, Alice, see Walter Michael Barber.
Baer, Lula, see Reed E. Barber.

Barber, Single stone. Frank L. Barber, 1873 - 1956; Martha B. Barber, 1874 - 1946
Barber, Single stone. Father Joseph V. Barber, 1905 - 1945; Mother Mary A. Barber, 1903 - 1977. On the base of the stone is Yedinak, looks like is a recut stone. There is a urn between this stone and that of Henry and Eva Orf. They appear to be buried in the same plot.
Barber, Single stone. Mary J. Myers, 1854 - 1974
Barber, Single stone. Reed E. Barber, 1908 - 1988; Lula Baer, 1912 - 1968
Barber, Single stone. Walter Michael Barber, 1911 - 1967; Alice Baer Barber, 1914 - 1963

Coursen, large family stone with 6 smaller stones. There is a flag in front of the large family stone labeled: "F.L.T. / I.O.O.F 887. Order of smaller stones is from left to right. Carrie Coursen, 1899-1932; Mabel, Dau. of I.H.. & L.A. Coursen, 1909-1909; Louisa A. Lain, Wife of Isaac H. Coursen, 1869-1915; Isaac H. Coursen, 1869-1928; Russell Coursen, 1911-1932; Leslie A. Lewis, May 17, 1903 - September 3, 1941.
Coursen, single stone located in front of the larger grouping of Coursen family members: Isaac L., 1897 - no date cut; Elva L., 1902-1967

Howell, Single stone. Ruth E. Wife of W.V. Howell, Died Oct. 28, 1881, Aged 21 Yrs, 8 mos & 3ds

Myers, Mary J., see Barber.
Myers, Sarah M. Reed, see Elijah Reed.

Reed, Single stone. Elijah Reed, 1837-1917; My sister Sarah M. Reed Myers, 1833 - no date cut
Reed obelisk, 3 sides are inscribed. There is a Mason's flag staff with the stone labeled Jr.O.U.A.M. Willow 139 Grove. Side One: Isaac Reed Born Sep. 30 1808, Died Aug. 11, 1888; Mary Wife of Isaac Reed, born Sep. 30, 1812, Died Nov. 4, 1886; Side Two: Martha A. Reed Born Feb. 6, 1847, Died May 3, 1868; Side Three: Blank; Side Four: Mary J. Reed Born June 17, 1852, Died Apr. 10, 1879

Orf, Single stone. Father Henry H. Orf, 1877 - 1953; Mother Eva M. Orf, 1878 - 1966. There is a urn between this stone and that of Joseph and Mary Barber. They appear to be buried in the same plot.

Sutton Single stone. Ernest, Son of Wm. & Lilian Sutton, Born July 4, 1901, Died May 2, 1905
Sutton Single stone. Aaron L. Sutton, Born Nov. 15, 1829, Died Sept. 25, 1907; Mary, his wife, born Nov. 17, 1840, Died May 14, 1905

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