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DeVore, Josephine, see John M. Read

England, Elsie M., see Fred Beck.

Emery, Sarah A., see James Ervin Beck.

Ervine, Anna M., see John Beck.

Eyer, Sarah C., see Henry C. Beck.

Gardner, Mary Catherine Gardner Beck, see Mathias Beck. Her maiden name is not given on the Beck monument.

Hill, Joseph D., Dec. 1857 - Dec. 1937; Mary J. Beck, his wife, July 1851 - June 1925; Infant son, no dates (single stone).
Mary Jane Beck was the daughter of John and Anna (Ervine) Beck (6-15-83; 10-10-04).

Holland, Edith Brands, 1893 - 1914. Edith was the daughter of Judson and Marietta (Mericle) Brands. She is buried in Judson Brands's plot (10-10-04).

Holland, Joanna Louise, age 1 month. Joanna was the daughter of Edith Brands Holland. She is buried in her grandfather Judson Brands's plot (10-10-04).

Jones, Hannah Pierce Linaberry Jones, see Charles H. Linaberry.

Jones, Margaretta, see Jacob B. Beck.


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