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Savercool, Elsy J., married name Konkle, see David R. Konkle. Maiden name is not given on the stone.

Sipley, Martin, Born Nov 18, 1819, Died July 30, 1891; Elizabeth R., his wife, Born June 26, 1823, Died Sept. 16, 1899; Top of the monument is labled "At Rest," the base is labeled "Sipley." This is one of the larger monuments in the cemetery (4-15-05).

Snover, David Read, 1869 - 1967; Jeannette F. Horschell, His wife, 1868 - 1941. David Read Snover was a son of Thamer and Lydia (Read) Snover. Large single stone with footstones: D.R.S. (David) and J.F.H. (Jeanette). David's stone is located next to his parent's stone (4-15-05).

Snover, Thamer, 1st LIEUT. Co. A. 27th REG. N.J. VOL., Born Feb 17, 1837 - Died Mar 25, 1904; Lydia J. Read, his wife, Born April 7, 1838 - Died Mar 23, 1911; Snover. Back of stone: David Read Snover, Born Mar 14, 1869 - no date cut; Frederick Warren Snover, Born July 13, 1874 - Died Feb 23, 1942; Marie L. Snover, his wife, Born Dec 16, 1873 - Died March 16, 1956. Large single stone inscribed on both sides. Footstones are on the same side as that inscribed with Thamer and Lydia's names: M.L.S. (Marie), F.W. (Frederick), Thamer Snover, and L.J.S. (Lydia). Lydia Jane Read was the daughter of David Read and Mary Hawk. David Read Snover and Frederick Warren Snover were the sons of Thamer and Lydia (Read) Snover. Marie L. Snover, Frederick's wife, was the daughter of Charles Ostrander and Sarah Gravatt. A stone for David R. Snover and his wife Jeannette is located next to this Snover stone (4-15-05).

Staley, Martha J., married name Martin, see Benjamin J. Martin. Maiden name is not given on the stone.


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