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PACSpage(SM) -- Hall of Shame

This is a listing of those web sites that have stolen links that I have worked very hard to put together for the Medical Imaging Commmunity. They have ignored international copyright law, and are presenting my work as their own. I find this to be professionally and morally reprehensible. Do with this information as you will.

Quick Definitions

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems. A PACS offers: (a) picture viewing at diagnostic, reporting, consultation and remote workstations, (b) archiving on magnetic or optical media using short or long-term storage devices, (c) communications using local or wide area netwroks or public communications services, and (d) systems that include modality interfaces and gateways to healthcare facility and departmental information systems offering one integrated system to the user. [Source: NEMA]

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. The DICOM Standard is a set of rules that allow medical images to be exchanged between instruments, computers, and hospitals. It establishes a common language that guarantees a medical image produced on one vendor's machine will be displayable on the workstation from another vendor. The DICOM Standard has evolved over the past years in a long series of meetings between software engineers from all major imaging and computer companies (representing the National Electrical Manufacturers' Association, NEMA) and physician representatives from major professional societies, such as the American College of Radiology, the American Society of Echocardiography, and the American College of Cardiology.

The process of sending radiologic images from one point to another through digital, computer assisted transmission, typically over standard telephone lines, satellite connections or over a local area network (LAN). These images can be retrieved from imaging modalities directly, by digitizing films, or digitizing video signals. They may transported directly, or through imaging gateways, and sent to a variety of medical imaging modalities, such a archives, display stations, and print spooling devices. Teleradiology is also now coming to include the interfacing with HIS/RIS systems in the process of transporting digital images.

The process of using telecommunications to enhance to performance of medicine. The use of information technology to deliver medical services and information from one location to another. A superset of teleradiology, may include information systems, teleconferencing and other technologies.

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