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We have developed or assisted with several World Wide Web sites recently. We continue to provide maintenance and support for many of them.


Instant Image on the Web
Converted the Instant Image proprietary picture database code to 32-bit, created a Windows NT DLL, and an Active-X interface to the database. Then created Windows CGI program to serve Instant Image data (and Images) over the Web. Currently under development is a feature to allow Instant Image to form the basis of an online catalog and shopping application.

Developed client-server database application for the World Wide Web. The system allow regional offices throughout the nation to update a central database through a standard Web browser, and allows any authorized user to obtain reports from the database on the Web. This system replaces a cumbersome character-mode DOS program that ran on local computers in the regional offices, provided only printed reports, and required a slow and unreliable dial-up mechanism for updating the central database.

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