Melatonin Dreams

Better memory?
"My wife and I both take melatonin nightly. We both have experienced not only more vivid dreams, but more dreams numerically. Our sleep patterns are not hampered by this "side effect." We both wake in the morning feeling refreshed and alert.
One thing we have both noticed is the fact that we both have better short-term memories. We are both full time college students and the retention of the materials we read and hear in lecture [are] better retained and recalled since we started taking melatonin.
We both feel there is a direct connection between melatonin and these "positive" effects."

WB, 3/13/96

Tryptamine Dreams?
"Apparently, the dream occurrences happen because melatonin is metabolised into 5-Methoxy-Dimethyltryptamine, which is the chemical responsible for dreams. The human body contains both DMT and 5-methoxy-DMT... the body converts tryptophan into DMT, 5-methoxy-DMT and serotonin... and this may be case the case with melatonin since it's very similar chemically. I've not seen any hard proof on this yet, but I strongly believe it to be true."

SH, 3/13/96

Blood Pressure Improvement?
I have taken something to sleep with every night since I was 18. I am now 47. The time release works better at keeping me asleep throught the night. My doctor recommended melatonin since he would not prescribe long term sleep medications.
Dreams are much more vivid both in color and content. I'm not sure if the dreams are more frequent... with the mel I tend to wake up more frequently so maybe I remember more dreams. The content of the dreams seems to be more sexual in nature. I almost never have or have had nightmares.
I am really impressed the mel. I wake up a little slower and use light to help. My mind seems clearer and I'm less hung over than with using prescription medicines. The last time I went to the doctor, my blood pressure second reading went from 90 to 80. I've read blood pressure is lowered with mel; I'll keep an eye on that. I really enjoy dreaming and I seem to wake up in the morning in a better frame of mind.
I did have one interesting dream that scared the shit out of my wife. I must have been on the edge of dreaming and semi-awakeness. I was running in my dream and yelling. I woke myself up with the yelling. My wife's head was near mine and I guess the yelling was more than just a dream cause it woke her up with a start. I could detail all my dream to her. She doesn't keep her head near mine any more.

RS, 3/11/96

Reduced Pot Smoking
I use melatonin to reduce my pot smoking. I used to have a hard time getting to sleep, which pot alleviated. Melatonin makes it possible for me to get a good night's sleep, and has dramatically curtailed my marijuana usage. Please don't let them take my melatonin away!

MM, 3/15/96

Dream Analysis
The pleasant dreams are extremely pleasant. The strange dreams and nightmares are intense, but...part of me is able to "observe" what is going on in a detached manner. This part can understand what the dream means. It is an odd feeling, but productive. There is less room for denial with melatonin dreams. Whatever it is that is troubling me is thrown out on the dream canvas where I am forced to see and deal with it more quickly than I had been accustomed to in regular dream therapy.

RB, 3/16/96

Erotic Dreams
Yes!!! Many VERY erotic dreams. [Before] melatonin I almost never remembered having dreams; now I dream vividly almost every night.

GH, 3/16/96

Return of Nocturnal Emissions
Sex-related dreams, followed by nocturnal emissions are sometimes noted. I turned 30 last August. This is to say the least a bit odd and kind of cool.

AK, 3/18/96

No Hangover
I have found melatonin to be an effective way of insuring that I will fall asleep without any of the side-effects of OTC brands. With the usual OTC stuff, I felt irritable, groggy, almost like I had a 'hangover,' like a thick cloud had enveloped my brain. That has never happened with melatonin, and I have never had a problem falling asleep with it. Except that the dreams are more frequent and vivid--which is okay. Beats waking up like feeling a drunken grizzly bear.

JRT, 3/18/96

Melatonin Dreams