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The preliminary results of the survey are in!

Some anecdotal comments

Some hypotheses.

Many people who take the over-the-counter hormone melatonin have commented on an increase in the "vividness" or frequency of dream activity. This page has been established to study, in an informal, non-scientific way, the phenomenon of melatonin dreams and to provide a forum for discussion of the phenomenon.

If you take or have taken melatonin, and would like to take part in an informal survey of the effect(s) of melatonin on dreams, please answer the following questions in an email message, then send to:

Survey Questions:

Melatonin Dreams survey
v.1.0 3/13/96

Answer only the questions you find appropriate.

1. How often do you take melatonin?

2. What brand? What dosage? Any particular form (i.e. sublingual, time-release, etc.)?

3. Why do you take it?

4. Have you noticed:

a. Increased dream activity (i.e. frequency of dreams)?
b. Increased vividness of dreams?
c. Increased recall of dreams after awakening?
d. Increased recall of dreams throughout the day?

5. Does melatonin seem to affect the *content* of your dreams? If so, how?

a. More pleasant content?
b. More strange content?
c. More nightmarish (frightening) content?

6. Please add any other melatonin-related information, experiences, or anecdotes (not necessarily dream related) you have found interesting.

Anonymity will be respected. Results will be posted sporadically on this page.

Thank you, and check back regularly for updates!

posted 4/24/96.